Source code for baseqSNV.gatk.markdup

import os
from ..config import get_config
from ..process import run_cmd

markdup_cmd_script ="""
{java}{tmpdir} -Xmx{memory} -jar {picard} MarkDuplicates INPUT={bamfile} OUTPUT={markedbam} METRICS_FILE={markedbam}.metrics
{samtools} index {markedbam}

[docs]def run_markdup(bamfile, markedbam, memory, tmpdir, config): """ Run MarkDuplicates of Picard. this function tags duplicate reads with "markduplicate" in BAM file. See also MarkDuplicates_ in gatk. .. _MarkDuplicates: The config file should be provided: :: [SNV] java = /path/to/java picard = /path/to/picard.jar Usage: :: baseqSNV markdup -b Sample.bam -m Sample.marked.bam -d ./tmp -c config.ini Return: metrics file indicates the numbers of duplicates for both single- and paired-end reads :: Sample.marked.bam Sample.marked.bam.bai Sample.marked.bam.metrics """ java = get_config("SNV", "java", config) picard = get_config("SNV", "picard", config) samtools = get_config("SNV", "samtools", config) if not os.path.exists(tmpdir): os.makedirs(tmpdir) cmd = markdup_cmd_script.format(java=java, picard=picard, samtools=samtools, markedbam=markedbam, bamfile=bamfile, memory=memory,tmpdir=tmpdir) run_cmd("Mark duplicates","".join(cmd)) return cmd