Source code for baseqSNV.gatk.createpon

import os
from ..config import get_config
from ..process import run_cmd

def listofvcf(path):
    filename = os.listdir(path)
    for fn in filename:
        if fn[-6:] == "vcf.gz":
           fullfilename = os.path.join(path,fn)
    normalargs.write("\n".join([list for list in filelist]) + "\n")
    return os.path.join(path,"normalvcf_for_pon.args")

{gatk} Mutect2 -R {index} -I {normalbam} -tumor {samplename} --disable-read-filter MateOnSameContigOrNoMappedMateReadFilter -L {interval} -O {normalvcf}
{gatk} Mutect2 -R {index} -I {normalbam} -tumor {samplename} --disable-read-filter MateOnSameContigOrNoMappedMateReadFilter -O {normalvcf}
{gatk} CreateSomaticPanelOfNormals -vcfs {normalvcfs} -O {ponvcf}
[docs]def create_pon(genome,list,path,interval): """ Create_pon function helps you create PoN(panel of normals) file necessary for mutect2 calling. The PoN captures common artifactual and germline variant sites. Mutect2 then uses the PoN to filter variants at the site-level. Example of samples list (tab delimited): * Content of columns are normal sample name, normal BAM file, tumor sample name, tumor BAM file(order cannot be distruped). Absoulte path of all BAM files should be added if directory of BAM files and analysis directory are different. :: N504 N504_marked_bqsr.bam T504 T504_marked_bqsr.bam N505 N505_marked_bqsr.bam T505 T505_marked_bqsr.bam N506 N506_marked_bqsr.bam T506 T506_marked_bqsr.bam N509 N509_marked_bqsr.bam T509 T509_marked_bqsr.bam N510 N510_marked_bqsr.bam T510 T510_marked_bqsr.bam Usage: * Interval list defines genomic regions where analysis is restricted. Introduction of interval list format and its function can be found this page_. :: # designated a intervals.list baseq-SNV create_pon -g hg37 -l sample_list.txt -p ./ -L interval.list # Using the dafalut intervals.list baseq-SNV create_pon -g hg37 -l sample_list.txt -p ./ .. _page: """ index = get_config("SNV_ref_" + genome, "bwa_index") gatk = get_config("SNV", "GATK") if not os.path.exists(path): print("[ERROR] No such file or directory") else: path_pon = os.path.join(path, "pon") if not os.path.exists(path_pon): os.mkdir(path_pon) with open(list, "r") as file: lines = file.readlines() sample_info = [line.strip().split() for line in lines] import multiprocessing as mp pool = mp.Pool(processes=6) results = [] for sample in sample_info: normalvcf = os.path.join(path_pon, "{}_tumor-only.vcf.gz".format(sample[0])) if interval: normalvcf_cmd = normalvcf_cmd_script.format(gatk=gatk, index=index, normalbam=sample[1], samplename=sample[0], normalvcf=normalvcf, interval=interval) else: normalvcf_cmd = normalvcf_cmd_script1.format(gatk=gatk, index=index, normalbam=sample[1], samplename=sample[0], normalvcf=normalvcf) results.append(pool.apply_async(run_cmd, ("creat normal vcf file", "".join(normalvcf_cmd,)))) pool.close() pool.join() [x.get() for x in results] normalargs = listofvcf(path_pon) ponvcf = os.path.join(path, "pon.vcf.gz") pon_cmd = pon_cmd_script.format(gatk=gatk, normalvcfs=normalargs, ponvcf=ponvcf) run_cmd("create panel of normals", "".join(pon_cmd))
def run_createsomatic_pon(path_pon,path): gatk = get_config("SNV", "GATK") normalargs = listofvcf(path_pon) ponvcf = os.path.join(path,"pon.vcf.gz") pon_cmd = pon_cmd_script.format(gatk=gatk, normalvcfs=normalargs, ponvcf=ponvcf) run_cmd("create panel of normals", "".join(pon_cmd))