Source code for baseqSNV.gatk.callvar

from ..config import get_config
from ..process import run_cmd

callvar_cmd_script = """
{gatk} --java-options "-Xmx4g" HaplotypeCaller -R {index} -L {interval} -I {bqsrbam} -O {rawvcf} -bamout bamout.bam --native-pair-hmm-threads 20 {extrainfos}

[docs]def run_callvar(bqsrbam, rawvcf, genome, disable_dup_filter = False): """ Call germline SNPs and indels via local re-assembly of haplotypes. "bqsrbam" file recalbrated by BQSR do recommand as input BAM file and this functin only run the single sample genotypeVCF calling. More details see also HaplotypeCaller_ .. _HaplotypeCaller: Usage: :: baseq-SNV run_callvar -q Test.marked.bqsr.bam -r Test.raw.indel.snp.vcf -g hg38 Return: :: Test.raw.indel.snp.vcf """ GATK = get_config("SNV", "GATK") index = get_config("SNV_ref_" + genome, "bwa_index") interval = get_config("SNV_ref_" + genome, "interval") extra = "" if disable_dup_filter: extra = "--disable-read-filter NotDuplicateReadFilter" callvar_cmd = callvar_cmd_script.format(gatk=GATK, index=index, interval=interval, bqsrbam=bqsrbam, rawvcf=rawvcf, extrainfos=extra) run_cmd("call variants","".join(callvar_cmd)) return callvar_cmd